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    It includes everything your students will need to understand including definitions, reasons, explorers, histories, obstacles, goals, destinations, accomplishments, and much more! This presentation can easily be used at the basis for a unit on exploration. Type: Presentation. Format: Printable Activity.
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    Explorers Explorers make journeys into the unknown and make records of their travels. From the explorers of thousands of years ago who set out in small boats to modern-day astronauts, human beings have set to explore new territories. Explorers document their discoveries through telling stories, drawing pictures, making maps, and keeping diaries.
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    Jul 12,  · Filled with classic Industrial Light & Magic special effects, Explorers is an adventure for the whole family. The story centers on a trio of boys who adore science fiction and dream of traveling to 77%.
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    Explorers at Work Our explorers in the field are working to save wildlife and wild places.
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    Sisko builds a replica of an eight hundred-year-old Bajoran spaceship, and tries to use it to prove that Bajoran explorers could have made it to Cardassia without developing warp drive. Dr. Bashir sits alone in Quark's reading a PADD as a dabo girl, Leeta, approaches him to solicit his help in treating her "cough". The two flirt and he orders them a Fanalian toddy, but Dax interrupts to inform Directed by: Cliff Bole.
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    Explorers () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.
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    Sep 30,  · 6 Explorers Who Disappeared. 1. Percy Fawcett The unforgiving Amazon jungle has claimed the lives of more than one adventurer, but perhaps none so famous as Colonel Percy Fawcett, who disappeared.
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    Few modern kids know what a drive-in movie theater is for example and there is a scene where the "explorers" use their "space pod" to watch one. The tech is a little dated but the storyline is fun and acceptable for children. Read more. 2 people found this helpful. Helpful.

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